Our Decalogue

Nuova Amaglio Fungorobica has established the following 10 points that best define our corporate identity.

  1. Certifications
    Consumer safety is our priority. That is why we closely cooperate with local Health Offices. As a result of our continuous commitment to the cause, we have received the following certifications: ISO 9001, IFS Food, and ISO 14001 for our Integrated Environmental Quality Management and Food Safety System, issued by CSQA; Organic Production, with Bio Agri Cert acting as the controlling body; and FAIRTRADE issued by the international organization FLOCERT. This is why we have chosen as our slogan, “we harvest quality”.
  2. Supply Chain Control
    We believe in the value of the territory that surrounds us, and in being part of the agricultural production. The strong connection we have with the environment is passed on to our products which we guarantee 100% – directly from the fields to your dinner table – thanks to a highly controlled supply chain. All the stages of production are actually checked: from harvest to production, and from the selection of the products to processing and packaging. Adopting best practice in accordance with the strictest international standards, product quality and safety can be ensured.
  3. Experience
    We will always remember the last 48 years of our corporate history as tradition is experience that lasts. Since 1967, we have been gathering knowledge of customer needs at first hand: from medium scale distribution and mass retailing to the General Markets, from public catering (including schools, corporate accounts and hospitals) to HoReCa and the haute cuisine. Years of working in the production, processing and distribution of food products have given us the expertise and knowledge necessary for providing safe, healthy and quality goods. We have the skills and tools to efficiently deal with various stakeholders, and are better able to meet the demand of distributors, users and consumers as a result.
  4. Product Quality
    Our qualified staff members check all products coming in and out of our facility – from receiving the goods, to stocking and distribution phases. With every order, we check and make sure that all areas of compliance, quality, packaging and labelling are up to standard. As specialized industry leaders, we are able to ensure product quality and safety in accordance with the IFS Food standard and customer specifications.
  5. Product Range
    We offer a wide and unique range of products in order to meet every customer need. We can serve more than 100 food items on your table throughout the year thanks to an extensive network of selected and qualified suppliers in Italy and 30 other European and non-EU countries, being able to import and export quality products from all over the world. We can ensure the constant supply of fresh produce, including exotic fruits, 12 months out of the year, in view of seasonal adjustment factors for the products.
  6. Flexibility
    At your service! We guarantee the most flexible service(s) regarding product supply: from delivery times to filling orders, from customized-packaging to settling claims. Our facility has the latest technology, the most experienced staff members and the best logistics systems available to manage every detail and serve our customers as fast as possible while providing quality in line with cold and chilled distribution requirements. Punctuality, speed and attention to detail are key to our successful express service. We do not only offer supply services, but real partnerships and integration according the customer needs.
  7. Logistics
    We guarantee a widespread and regular service throughout the country. A company strength, indeed, is service close to the customer. Our facility platform is conveniently located in Cavenago Brianza, (take the Cavenago-Cambiago exit from the A4 highway), a strategic home base address right in the heart of Lombardy and close to the entrance of the new outer ring highway of Milan which connects to all major Italian roads and highways. This hub with a storage capacity of more than 2,000 tons of product gives us and our partners a great picking advantage for the mass retailing and HoReCa distribution channels.
  8. Environment and Sustainability
    We acknowledge the value of every form of sustainable, integrated and organic production to harvest crops in line with the protection of agro-ecosystems, biodiversity, and non-renewable energy sources using a green approach. Protecting the environment, indeed, is the key element of our ISO-14001-certified corporate Policy on Environmental Quality.
  9. Ethics
    We take CSR issues very seriously. The company’s Code of Ethics clearly states our commitment to the cause, especially when it comes to the Occupational Safety and Welfare of workers.
  10. Innovation
    Innovation is at the heart of our business. By staying abreast of changing eating habits and the latest nutrigenomics surveys, we are able to consistently offer added-value products that are both practical and nutritional. Keeping in mind a diet that includes not only healthy choices, but preventative options as well. Guided to select varied and nutritionally rich products that satisfy the palate and contribute to comfort and wellness.