Company History

We first opened our doors in the 1960s when modern agriculture developed in Italy and fresh produce markets began to boom.

Amaglio started its business of fruit and vegetables trading in the local markets of Milan and Bergamo. After years of steady growth, the company has become one of the major Italian players in this trading sector. Amaglio’s strength lies in the purchase and import of out-of-season (early and late fruit) as well as exotic fruit thanks to strong trading partnerships and joint-venture deals with producers in Spain, South America, Ghana and various third-party countries.

Fungorobica was founded 47 years ago in the Bergamo area and started its business with one of the first mushroom farms cultivating button mushrooms in mushroom beds in Italy. After pioneering this new frontier, the company began specializing in the production, collection and distribution of wild, cultivated, fresh, frozen, dried and canned mushrooms. In the 2000s, as a result of continuous research paying always attention to the environment, the company obtained several certifications in relation to: quality production of mushrooms, supply chain, integrated production, organic farming, affirming their role as leader in Italy in the production and trade of mushrooms.

After years of parallel paths, in 2010 the two companies decided to join forces in creating synergies in order to serve the customer in an more efficient and effective way. This gave the way to a single head office in the city of Cavenago.

With new shareholders joining in 2014, the two organizations merge into one company, the Nuova Amaglio Fungorobica, concentrating all production, distribution and logistics operations in one entity.

The Amaglio and Fungorobica brands, which had achieved great market status over the years, remain the pillars of the new company – a clear sign of continuity. The corporate slogans, ‘we produce’ and ‘we harvest quality’ perfectly reflect the corporate values.