Small Fruits

Lillifrut, "the world of small fruits." A real option when heading into the small berries market - a year-round, high quality and tasty product - offering consumers colour, sweetness and well-being. Bringing goodness from the forest right to your kitchen table.


The brand

The fruits of keeping in shape


Besides being fresh and tasty, berries are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre; a complete product helping our body to stay fit.





Lillifrut values: Varicoloured

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Colourful berries that pop out in green foliage. LILLIFRUT berries are picked so that they can cheer you up, any time of day. In a bowl or in a pie, you can taste the joy in every bite you take.

Sweet berries, loved by children for their fresh, delicate and yummy taste, and by adults, who appreciate their health benefits.

To those of you with a sweet tooth, LILLIFRUT offers a wide variety of fruity combinations: alone or in a fruit salad; with ice cream or yogurt; as summer dessert toppings or sunk into refreshing drinks.

  • Strawberry with its intense red and sweet taste, ideal with a little squeezed lemon or ice cream;
  • Wild strawberry has an intense scent, can be eaten alone or with mixed berries;
  • Blackberry with its juicy pulp, it is great for dessert or in fruit salad;
  • Red and white currant, perfect for cakes and decorating;
  • Rasberry loved as a dessert;
  • Physalis with its dried leaves that contain round and yellow berries, native of Central and South America, good both raw and in jams;
  • Blueberry and Cranberry - delicious juiced, in desserts or fruit salads;
  • Gooseberry clear big berry used in desserts
  • Goji, the “health berry“, with more carotene than carrots, more iron than spinach, more protein than in cereals. Its health benefits and anti-aging agent have been defined by experts and nutritionists as “the healthiest food source on Earth”. Pleasant and sweet tasting. Can be eaten alone or with mixed berries.