The "Fungi" kingdom

With 50 years of experience, Fungorobica has become synonymous with expertise in mushrooms. Whether they are cultivated, spontaneously grown, fresh, processed or transformed, healthy and quality certified products are ensured year round.




Few people realize that mushrooms (or fungi) are not plants, as they do not develop through the process of photosynthesis, and they are not animals, as they are unable to move independently. Unlike plants and animals, they do not have tissues or conductive elements.

They reproduce through spores and not through embryonic stages. However, their biochemistry shows partly animal and plant features. Therefore, in addition to the plant and animal kingdoms, there is a third one called Fungi (from the Latin word fungus, derived from the Greek word sphóngos or sponge), which includes more than 100,000 different species.

The brand

Mushrooms & Health


Since 1967, Fungorobica has been operating in the world of mushrooms. Their people operate with passion, show commitment and skill to satisfy every single customer request

Thanks to 50 years of experience, the Fungorobica brand is synonymous with high specialization in this branch, guaranteeing the management and control of production phases: from the harvesting and selection stages, to processing and packaging, ensuring product quality and safety.

Today, the Fungorobica brand offers the widest selection of spontaneously grown and cultivated mushrooms during different times of the year in all typologies including: fresh, frozen, dried and oil preserved. Guaranteeing expertise, know-how, and quality in view of innovation as well as wholesomeness and sustainability in order to satisfy every customer need.




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The last 48 years in the kingdom of fungi
Fungorobica has been developing its great expertise since 1967. Day by day, skilled staff members work with passion and commitment in order to meet requests from distributors, users and consumers.

Proximity to the production
Fungorobica works closely with its producers across the country, and operates in view of a short supply chain. At the same time, for spontaneously growing mushrooms, Fungorobica is close to the harvesting areas, with plants located in the best growing areas in Europe.

A thoroughly controlled supply chain
Fungorobica manages and directly controls all the stages of production in accordance with the international standards of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP): from harvesting to production, and from selection to processing, right up to packaging, in order to ensure produce quality and safety.

All of the fungi in the kingdom
Fungorobica offers a unique wide variety of products including cultivated mushrooms (button mushroom, velvet pioppini, pleurotus, etc.) and wild species (porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, Caesar’s mushrooms) in all typologies: fresh, frozen, dried and oil preserved, in order to satisfy every single customer need. 

You are what you eat.
Fungorobica concerns itself with the well-being of its consumers, ensuring healthy and fresh products that are not only tasty, but also good for you.

Sustainability starts at home at your kitchen table!
Fungorobica’s mushroom cultivation is carried out in accordance with production regulations ensuring minimum use of chemicals and in compliance with health and safety regulations related to environmental sustainability.

For more information download the “Fungorobica Supply Chain” Rules and Guidelines




The real tradition is innovation that lasts
Fungorobica stands for the spirit of innovation, and the specialization in the production, processing and distribution of healthy, natural and certified quality products.

Over the past 15 years, Fungorobica has introduced many new and innovative ideas:

2000: the first “certified supply chain” with production carried out according to production regulations that ensure a minimal use of chemicals and in compliance with health and safety regulations;

2001: packs of “ready-to-cook” stuffed mushroom caps and assorted sliced mushrooms that are soon set up in the aisles of all supermarkets;

2002: introduces new BIO line of ORGANIC mushrooms including button mushrooms, pleurotus, and for the first time, porcini mushrooms and chanterelles, all organically grown and certified;

2004: Fungorobica is the first mushroom farm to apply Good Agricultural Practices – certified ‘Global GAP';

2010: launches “Leggerezze Pronte”, a mix of assorted mushrooms and vegetables, packaged in trays, that can be cooked in only 7 minutes in the microwave;

2014: creates their own real food innovation project: the FUNBURGER, the first burger made from mushrooms, with seitan and porcini mushrooms, presented at the BIOFACH 2014 Tradeshow, dedicated to all the vegans and vegetarians in the world.